Little Stoney Lake

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How far is the cottage from the lake?
A: This is a lakefront cottage and sits back about 50 feet from the lake.
Q: Do you have a washer and dryer?
A: No.
Q: How far to a grocery market?
A: 5 miles to Brooklyn for a market or 1/2 mile to a gas station/party store.
Q: Where can I get a fishing license?
 A: 1/2 mile to a gas station/party store/Bait shop.
Q: How far is it to any shopping malls?
A: Adrian 19 Miles, Jackson Mall 21 miles, Briarwood Mall Ann Arbor 35 Miles
     North Towne Square Mall, Toledo 53 Miles
Q: What is a no wake lake?
A: You can use a motorized boat, but at a speed that doesn't make a wake and no towing otherwise assist in the propulsion of a person on water skis, water sled, surfboard, or other similar contrivance.
Q: What is the cost of rental?
A: Go to contact and I'll email you the rate for the time period you select or you can contact me by phone.